These are friends and supporters of FlashBamPow. Please don't hold it against them.
Simon Mazik Recording
Art to Zen Tattoo in Rochester:
THE BEST in the area. Our band plays there, so they must be awesome.
Mark Madden: Tattoo and Artistic Genius. Get your ink here, Buffalo!!!
The Doug Coast radio show is a huge supporter of FlashBamPow. We played live on the show and had a blast each time. He's a supporter of local bands, and he has awesome taste.
We will be playing at the Abilene again Nov. of 2017.  It's a venue with good taste, and we're looking forward to it!
Jazz 90.1 is the biggest jazz station in the region. Give a listen and you'll hear why. We're playing there live 1/17/18 at 7 PM!!!
We will be playing at the Firehouse Saloon again on Feb. 2nd, 2018 for an audio/video psychedelic jazz lightshow! Stay tuned for the poster!!